Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wee K begins!

Can someone please tell me where September has gone?  Obviously little time has been spent here at the computer and so I have some backtracking to do with my blog posts.

Hannah was not the only one around here to start school recently.  Several weeks after Hannah started 1st grade Lily began her first days at the Our Lady of Sorrows School.

This is such a big deal to us all but, as you can tell by her big smiles, no one was more excited than Lily.  She is now a part of the real school that she visited many days a week for the past several years of her life to pick up and drop off her sister.  I have to say though that this excited feeling was mutual for Hannah.  The two of them spent much time in discussion of the possibility that they might see each other in the hall.  Lily is only in school 2 days a week and the Wee K program is somewhat separated from the rest of the school but each week they do go to the library and music in the main school. This means, as my girls have figured out, that there is a small chance that they might bump in to each other in the hall.  It actually happened the other day and when I picked them up the first thing out of each one of their mouths was that they saw each other AT SCHOOL!!  :)  Oh the fun and excitement!

As I am typing this and looking at the picture of Lily walking up those steps by herself I have to say it seems like just yesterday that I was carrying Lily on my hip up those same steps to drop her sister off.  Time goes by so quickly and it is a wee bit bittersweet.

My little Lily you are growing up so fast...I love the joy and determination that is at the center of who you are and I am so proud of the big girl that you are becoming.  I love you so very, very much - Mommy