Friday, March 25, 2011

March madness

Time sure flies and I feel like we have been in the middle of our very own version of March madness around here.  I have lots to catch you up on and I think I will start with our Spring Break adventures.  To celebrate Spring Break Hannah, Lily and I packed up and headed to Nana's house.  Nana was actually still in school (her Spring Break is in a couple of weeks) so we entertained ourselves during the day and were there to greet Nana as soon as she walked through the door each afternoon.  Last week also happened to be sister B's Spring Break and so she met us in Florence for some quality family time.

We had lots of fun visiting the park, eating at some of our favorite hometown restaurants, shopping a little and just spending time together.  Most importantly though Hannah and Lily were there to meet the newest member of the family... Dolly Francis.

Dolly Francis is a miniature Daschund and weighs a little over 3 pounds.  Can you say tee-niny? Mom recently brought her home and has been anxiously awaiting a visit from her granddaughters so they could all meet.  It was love at first sight for Hannah.  In fact, there is no doubt in my mind that Hannah wanted to stick Dolly Francis in her suitcase and bring her home with us.

Lily not so much.  Lily actually did enjoy Dolly Francis too but from a distance.  She was a little unsure of such a tiny dog running circles around her feet.

In other big news, this little Brown house is an official peanut free zone at least until further notice.  Lily had her first peanut via a granola bar and pretty much immediately threw up and began having some trouble breathing.  After talking with the nurse on call I took her to the emergency room at Children's Hospital where they immediately whisked us back to a room and gave my little Lils an epi shot and a breathing treatment. 

Lily was almost immediately better thank goodness and after several hours of being monitored we were finally discharged.  They sent us home with a prescription for our very own epinephrine shot that we have to have with her at all times and of course instructions to give her no more nuts.  We have an appointment with an allergist next week to have her tested and will see where we go from here.  No fun but Lily could not have been a better patient and she was sent home from the hospital with lots of stickers which made her very happy.

That's the big stuff and so I can spare you from another post that goes on and on and on, I will give you a quick rundown of the rest of the highlights of the past few weeks bullet style.

** We celebrated the 2 year anniversary of Lily's baptism last week with a little prayer service and our usual Dreamcakes cupcakes.

** I am in the process of working on a warm and fuzzy scarf even though I think Spring temperatures are here to stay.

** With the arrival of warm weather comes dresses and uncovered knees that are covered with bumps and bruises.  We have been keeping this little bandaid lovin' girl's knees covered with Hello Kitty and kisses. 

 ** We have pulled out our tent to get ready for a camping adventure that is hopefully in our near future.  Hannah and Lily have also discovered that tents are great for playing house in the backyard.

There is oh so much more but I have to run and pick up Hannah from school so I will save the rest for another post.  Happy weekend!